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Lavender Roses - Dail a gift

Lavender Roses

Lavender colour meansfemineity, grace, elegance ,fragile, sensitive ,vulnerable, grown up pink, refinement.

  • 20 Lavender roses
  • Seasonal Fillers
  • Paper Wrap
  • Matching Ribbon


Lavender roses are unique yet stunning roses that can make quite a statement. Their symbolism is often tied to enchantment, wonder, splendour and mystery as well as love at first sight or enchantment at first sight. So, if you have a secret crush or if someone has caught your attention and grabbed your heart, this may be the perfect rose to send them!

DELIVERY DISCLAIMER : Orders placed before 8am will be processed the same day .

CARE INSTRUCTION : For handtied unwrap, take a clean vase/tall container with fresh clean and  cold water trim the stems at 45°place them in, repeat after 2 days.


Lavender Roses

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